Campervan Relocation

We need a driver to relocate a campervan from Hobart to Melbourne anytime between 19/10 and 22/10. Cost is $5 per day for 4 days. Includes accommodation on wheels and free ferry for one driver and the campervan. Check the FAQ page for more details. You must be 21 or older and you need a full driver's licence (local, European or overseas).

Hobart between 10AM and 3PM on 19/10 or later (check available dates below). Pickup suburb on FAQ page
Melbourne on 22/10 or before (check available dates below). Return suburb on FAQ page
6 seats
6 berths / beds
Includes shower and toilet
The picture shows the camper category, the actual camper may differ if scheduling requirements change.
302 km. The total kilometer allowance is 852 km. Every km over 852 will be charged at 55 cents per km.
Includes free ferry transfer for the driver and campervan (check the FAQ page for more details).
Includes $0 free fuel. Share fuel cost by sharing your trip on!
A $1000 bond paid by credit card or debit card is required when you pick up the camper. Your bond will be refunded in full if there is no damage to the camper and you return the vehicle on time. Check the FAQ page for more details including liability reduction options.
Check the FAQ page for answers or use the chat box on the bottom right if we're online (don't forget to leave your mobile or email)
Check the Terms and Conditions (PDF).
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$5 per day for 4 days. Additional days are limited and cost $75 per day (check available return dates below)

We'll refund all $5 days if you write a review on any blog (with a link to our relocation page and some awesome images of yourself, the scenery and the camper).


$75 deposit payable now. Your deposit will be returned to you on pick up. If you cancel your booking, your deposit will not be refunded.

Actual camper may vary from image shown