Camper Relocation FAQ

What is a camper relocation?
The campervan hire companies often have the problem that a camper is located in one city (A), but the next booking starts in another city (B). Therefore they need to get the camper from A to B, which is known as a relocation. Most relocation offers cost only $1 per day.
Why is it so cheap?
The camper companies have two options to relocate a camper:
  1. Employ someone to drive the camper for them
  2. Find a traveller or backpacker who wants to drive the camper for them
Obviously the second option is cheaper, which is why the camper company is willing to give you the camper for $1 per day. So you get a camper and they get a driver.
What our customers say
Check the camper relocation reviews page to read some of the amazing experiences our customers have had.
How do I book the camper?
You can book online here. Click on the 'Book Now' button next to the relocation offer, then follow the prompts.
You must be at least 18 years old and you need a full driver's licence (local, EU license or other overseas with the English words 'driver's licence').
How much does it cost?
Most camper relocations cost $1 per day but check the specific offer for details.
Are there any additional costs?
No, not for the camper, but...
  • Most offers will require you to pay for petrol. Some offers include free petrol, but the offer will say so explicitly.
  • There is a $1000 bond that will be charged to your credit or debit card on the day you pick up the camper. The bond will be returned to your card when you return the camper on time and in good condition at the destination. Should you have an accident you may loose all or part of your bond (more details below).
What about insurance?
All campervans are insured. However a $1000 bond needs to be paid by credit or debit card when you pick up the vehicle. The $1000 bond will be returned to you at the end of your trip if you don't have an accident and you return the vehicle on time.
What if I have an accident?
If you have an accident, damage up to $1000 will be paid out of your bond, the rest is covered by insurance (some exclusions apply so please check the terms and conditions carefully). If the accident is not your fault, the bond money will not be returned to you until the insurance claim has been settled. If the insurance company determines that the accident was not your fault, your bond will be returned minus an administration fee.
What if the campervan breaks down?
All campervans are covered by 24 hour roadside assistance. If there is a problem with the campervan, call the campervan company and they will send someone to fix the vehicle for you.
Can I extend the number of days?
The available dates will be clearly advertised and the system won' allow you to book any dates outside the advertised date range.
Return date and time
You must return your camper by 4pm on the last day of your relocation. Some offers may require you to return the camper earlier.
What if I return the camper late?
Please don't. Another person has booked the camper at your destination. The camper company will charge a penalty rate for every day you are late. Any free fuel offered will not be reimbursed to you.
What if I'm late through no fault of my own? It is at the discretion of the camper company to decide if your late return was your fault or not. If they decide it was not your fault no penalties will apply.
Fuel consumption / cost
As a rough guide, most campervans consume about 10-14 litres per 100km. Check Google Maps for trip distances (e.g. search for 'Adelaide to Melbourne') and check the internet for current fuel prices.
Free Fuel
Some offers include free fuel but the offer will say so explicitly. If the offer includes some or all fuel, you will be reimbursed for your petrol expenses at the end of your trip. You must present your petrol receipts to receive a refund for your expenses.
Can I take other people along?
Yes you can take other people along if you want and it's a great way to share the driving and fuel costs! The camper image will show you how many people can travel and sleep in the camper. You must not take any more people than advertised as there will not be sufficient seat belts in the camper. Check to find people to share your trip with.
Transmission: Manual or Automatic
The camper company has the right to change the vehicle type for any relocation offer, which means you need to be able to drive vehicles with manual and automatic transmission.
Vehicle Details
The camper company has the right to change the vehicle type if required, which is why we don't provide exact vehicle details. In most cases you will get exactly the vehicle advertised but for scheduling reasons (e.g. break downs) the camper company sometimes need to change the vehicle.
What do I need to bring ?
Just yourself, your license and a credit or debit card to process the bond when you pick up the vehicle. Nothing else. All campervans are fully equipped, including kitchen equipment, and bedding
Can I tow a trailer?
No. The campervan companies do not allow you to tow anything behind the campervan.
Can I take pets?
No. The campervan companies do not allow pets.
Do I have to stay in a caravan park at night?
No, you can park the campervan anywhere (e.g. the beach) as long as you comply with local parking regulations. So there is no need to pay for a caravan park.
Pickup Location
You must book the camper online. Staff at the pickup location cannot process your booking.


Any other questions?
Use the chat box at the bottom right to ask any questions. Leave your email and mobile number if we're not online. We'll get back to you promptly.